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Lucky #14.

Anonymous said...rub ons. rub ons. rub ons.

paper, die cuts, all of it!!! lol.

can hardly wait!

I have your email address so I'll shoot an email off to you right away and when you get your address to me I'll put a box in the mail for you!! Congratulations.

And as for me...

I went here today:

to drop off a box of things I've made for SRM Press. If you happen to be able to get to have GOT to check out their new line of stickers. I nearly freaked when my box arrived....seriously, as a card-maker, I'm in heaven.

and then I went here:
to drop off a box of things I've made for Clear Scraps. They have some yummy new designs out this season too - and the new owners are So Nice! I'm really bummed that I can't go because most of my design team is going to be there, and staying together and I can't go :( (stupid job stupid can't take time off job) OK. Pity party over. I'm sure they'll have fun! And I'm hoping to get to Chicago in summer!!

I did though, in order to get these boxes out today, stay up until 4am. I am WAY too old for that. And so 8:52....I'm off to bed for the night to try to gain some serious ground in my battle for more sleep.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks!


The Biehns said...

Yes...get some sleep it helps your creativity. Can't wait to see some sneaks!! :)

Congrats #14