#14....what are the chances?

Just a little post today about something funny.
My giveaway earlier went to #14....no name, just #14. Turns out, of all the crazy things, that she lives 2 streets over from me. What are the chances?? And, embarrassingly, when she came to pick up her box of goodies...my scraproom is a disaster and I didn't have her box packed up yet so she got to see me at my ultimate-messiest-worst, and I am "busted" about not having it ready to go.

If you're reading this #14 (wink, wink)...congratulations again, nice to meet you, again, and I hope you're happy with the goodies :) Can't wait to see what you make!



The Biehns said...

Just goes to prove that you are human...lol...and a messy scrap space can be inspiring.:)

mustangkayla said...

What are the odds they lived so close! Thats pretty neat!

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled with the goodies and have big, BIG plans to spend the weekend crafting! Equally as thrilling was being able to peruse your awesome scrapbook stuff while you got the box ready!

Thanks again for the the chance! How cool that I live blocks away from such a 'Creative Genius'!!

Kim :)
aka: #14