Multitude Monday - Jan 17

It's still Monday, so I'm still on time....and, still thankful :)

7. I'm starting a Beth Moore study at church - that's where I was this evening. It's a revised version of her Breaking Free study she wrote 10 years ago. I can already tell after the introduction that this is going to be crazy-good for me. So I'm thankful for my church and the women at church who've brought this study to life.
8. I'm thankful for a husband/family who will make these nights available for me to participate.
9. I'm thankful for already being in a place that's primed and ready for some change like this....getting free has been on my mind and my heart recently anyway - this just feels like a little hand-holding direction.
10. I'm thankful for 2 ladies who came to my home a few weeks ago to do some "counseling" with me....I could list about 400 things I'm thankful for that came out of that session but right now, I'm thankful for the gentle reminder to listen to open my mind up to hearing what he's saying, and to picturing what he has for me. I got a picture tonight at this study that scares me a's not a bad thing, but it will require some work if it's to come to fruition. Better push up my sleeves.
11. I'm thankful for sick days (I'm taking one tomorrow). I'm not a big union fan, but getting paid to go back to bed and sleep off this cold after the kids leave tomorrow is a very nice perk to my job!
12. I'm thankful for 17 years of marriage - it was my anniversary this past week. According to our original prediction, we have 63 more to go (bringing us to the ripe old ages of 100 & 101).
13. I'm thankful for my hobby. I scrapbook and make cards. It's meaningful, and theraputic, and I'm not sure what I ever did before this. It's such a good fit for me.
14. I'm thankful for the ability to learn. I've signed up to learn some new art techniques online through my new gig at Scrapbook News and Review and I'm giddy with excitement about learning again and about playing with new stuff. Also thankful for the Christmas money that both Moms & Dads gave me - some of it went to new art supplies for me - thank you very much.
15. Back to serious.....I'm thankful that I serve a God who's on my side. My devotions this week had a blurb in them one day that said, "The enemy is standing on your God-given gound and daring you to take possession" (Beth Moore again). When I read it, I knew exactly what that was about in my life. And I'm prepared to go to war over it. Look out.
16. Music - check out "Perfect Peace" on the sidebar music player. Laura Story. I love her. In fact, I had to go read her bio because when I first discovered some of her songs, I wondered if she had gone through EXACTLY what I was going through. Turns out, no....different....but somehow applicable. I must have played this song 100 times over and over this past fall. How sweet to know where Peace is when you can't see it.


beautyinallthings said...

Funny that your quote from Beth Moore is the Wednesday Wisdom on my blog this week. I scheduled it to upload over a week ago. God works in mysterious ways!