Multitude Monday - Jan 24

17. I'm thankful for life. We've had a tragic accident in our town this weekend and it took the lives of a mom & dad who had 11 children - 5 of whom go to the school I work at. I can't make sense of it all and we're going to be dealing with a storm of emotions at school tomorrow, but...
18. I'm thankful for a God who knows why, even when I don't.
19. I'm thankful that figuring it all out isn't my job.
20. I'm thankful for a snow day/PJ day today....I don't love the cold winters here but a day like this is a gift :)
21. I'm thankful that my kids love to snuggle. There were some amazing times today reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" snuggled up in my bed.
22. I'm thankful for cafe-mocha flavoured creamer for my coffee, and a great devotional time at 6:15 am this morning with that included said creamer with coffee.
23. I'm very thankful for extra sleep when devotions were done - and kids that entertain themselves.
24. I'm thankful that it's bedtime....after all these years, I LOVE that feeling of finally falling into bed at the end of the almost always makes me sigh :)