Psyching myself up for next Monday

A friend of mine has been doing this One Thousand Gifts thing for the last half year or so and really enjoying it. I never thought I'd join in, and she still doesn't know that I am, but the idea of it is nagging at me.

holy experience

It's time I think.
Time to start counting the gifts God has given me,
not the gifts I'm waiting for;
time to learn to be grateful and really aware of all the ways
God shows me he loves me every single day;
time to start seeking his face - not his hand.
I know I'm not going to be able to keep up blogging every day
but I am hoping to keep my list growing with Multitude Mondays
and I'm praying that counting my blessings in this life will change me,
and change my outlook on what I really want/need in this life.

I'm also praying that actually writing these things down,
things that I know are gifts from my loving Father,
will allow me to fully enjoy
just. being. loved.


beautyinallthings said...

Welcome aboard! I am glad you joined. I found that instead of complaining about making supper again (you know how much I hate cooking!) I started to be thankful for the food I have. Instead of being annoyed with my husband that he left his dirty socks around again, I am thankful that he IS around!
If you look, you will find. His face or His hand. You will find it.

Anonymous said...

Jan.23/10 Knew you could do it, Cathy!What an awesome job you did of your scraproom. Trip down memory lane to see the old hutch and read what you remembered of it.The helmet--who would have thought? Need more cereal boxes? Love, Mom