My first Multitude Monday

in no particular order....and certainly not an exclusive are some of the things I was thankful for this week:
1. Dishes. I don't love to wash them but I'm thankful for dishes I love and a FIL who can get me good deals on beautiful DOMO dishes :)
2. Food in my fridge. I tried something new this week with school lunches (crackers, meat and cheese cut up instead of sandwiches); the kids loved it and it was fun to "play" with the food for me too.
3. Word. A friend down the street fixed my computer awhile back and installed Word. I have to say....not doing everything in wordpad anymore has been a treat! Plus, 3b.) I got asked to do some administrative stuff this week (writing contracts) for a company I work for and it was exhilarating. I love opportunities to use my gifts there too instead of just creating for them and they were so sweet about it - like I'd done them a huge favour when actually it made MY day to work on something like that.
4. Strong's Concordance. That book could kill someone if you threw it at them but it's become my bedside companion. It's guiding me through a look at Joy (what it is, and where to get it)
5. Music. I'm not the most talented of musicians although I do play a few instruments and can hold my own vocally....but music touches me almost every single day. I think, as well as being thankful for the presence of music in my life, I need to single out specific songs & lyrics that are hitting the spot every week. If I can figure out how to put a player on the side of my blog that doesn't blare as soon as you open my blog, I'll do case you want a taste of what's touching my heart these days.
6. So then....the song this week that God's been using in my life is "Sleeping In" by Nevertheless (to hear it - press play in the MP3 player to your left - the song looks like it's called "Sleep" since the sidebar's too narrow. This is just a portion of the lyrics but these are the ones that are stuck in my head and that God's been using:

I've been sleeping in for days, 'Cause when I am awake, I will have to face my life.
And I'm hoping it's a phase. The walls that I create can only make it seem alright.
And I get carried away like I'm the only one Who's ever felt the way that I do, But I can hear you say, "You're not the only one. 'Cause everybody hopes to get through."

And it's got me sleeping in.
Every day God, it's the same thing.
Yeah, you caught me sleeping in.
I'm still hiding; I'm still waiting.
I need you here with me to face the world outside 'Cause I'm tired of sleeping in.

A good reminder to me that it's not "all about me" and that I don't have to face anything on my own....good or bad....I think this is a good first step in my search for Joy.

Thanks for joining me for my first Multitude Monday :)


beautyinallthings said...

Great list!
So, you have caught the concordance bug have you? I love it! I love the hunt almost as much as the learning.
Have a great day!