Wednesday: Road Trip

A break from Disney today: A road trip out to the Gulf Coast and beach hopping!!
Today started a little more leisurely than most days have. Coffee :) a good breakfast and out the door at only 9am instead of 8am. We drove out past Tampa to the Gulf of Mexico and spent nearly an hour each at 3 different beaches, driving in between and thoroughly enjoying the scenery out there. We did Honeymoon Island Beach, Clearwater Beach and Pass-a-Grille Beach.

The kids saw these seagulls sitting on the lifeguard stand and though that perhaps these WERE the lifeguards. They talked about them a lot so I had to snap some photos :)

We collected a lot of seashells (which I promptly boiled when I got back to the condo so they wouldn't stink all the way home). The beaches there were amazing - made up of what looked like white sand, but on closer inspection, were actually made up of crushed seashells. There was a line on the beach where the water rolled up to that had bigger shells like this (these are about Dime-sized) but most of the beach was sand-grain-sized pieces of seashell. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
We are bringing some shells home with us....of course. Most of which are broken pieces of shells, still beautiful but not complete. And we also found a few complete bright ones like this one (above).

This picture is taken at Clearwater Beach. Can you tell why they call it Clearwater?

Me and the kids. We're baking today but being smart about the sunscreen this time :)


beautyinallthings said...

Cute shells! I love the creature in that one!