Wednesday - Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Animal Kingdom is probably my favourite of all the parks. Disney does all things well....but this park is just perfect. Everything is DONE. You feel like you're in Africa, or Asia, or wherever they want you to feel you are. The paths, the trees, the animals....all of it....done to perfection. Plus I'm an animal lover and I LOVE going to zoos so this really appeals to me. I absolutely adore the safari ride....I'm fascinated and in awe of these animals that I wouldn't ordinarily get to see: Giraffes walking across the road in front of our jeep, the hippos and rhinos, lions, etc, etc....all awe-inspiring. I'm perplexed every time I'm in a zoo how someone could see these animals, hear all about their uniqueness in our world, and not believe in a creator-God

This park also has one of the best rollercoasters and I even, my went on it twice today (without puking). Expedition Everest is a rollercoster through Mt. Kilamangero (sp?) and it starts leisurely enough but 1/2 way in, the track ends in a twisted bunch of metal with Yeti written all over it, and then you plunge backwards into the darkness and are pursued by this creature that never really shows itself until the end. The view from the top of the coaster is of all of Animal Kingdom....scary, but Wow.

The other great ride here...and my favourite by far, is Kali River Rapids....a white water rapids in a large 12-man tube...that wouldn't get you too wet, except for all the fountains that happen to be in the middle of the river. Soaked. Twice today. Actually, the second time the boys opted to not go so Mica & I went together and got more soaked than the first time if that's even possible.
The kids in their 3-D goggles for the "It's tough to be a bug" Bug's life show.

We opted to go home (to the condo) for the mid-afternoon swim and nap routine again today - that's really working out for us, and then we went back to Animal Kingdom for the evening to ride Dinosaur twice and see The Lion King musical - unbelievable show!! And then home for a 9:00 supper at Chili's which was, um, averge at best, but we were starving (our lunch was a balogna sandwich in the van at noon).

Tomorrow we're off to Epcot - our 4th park in 4 Disney days. We will still have 6 more days to do them all once more and then our favourites again for a 3rd time!! This is truly the way to do Disney!! And speaking of "the way to do things".....I can't for the life of me imagine why ANYONE would want to stay in a hotel down here when there are condos like this available. It's like having a home down here with all the perks (a nicer home than our real one actually) and so much room, and a pool practically to ourselves, our own kitchen, double bathroom, 3 bedrooms, for cheaper than we could ever have gotten a hotel. If anyone needs a recommendation for Florida - let me know.
The kids feeding the ducks at the lake in the middle of our condo complex on their way to the pool today. There are about 5 families of ducks living in the lake with between 3-5 babies each and they'll come to within a few inches of your hands if you have bread.


Monica said...

Yes .... I will need recommendations. I'm so glad you're having so much fun. You're getting me excited for a trip that isn't even in my near future. :)

beautyinallthings said...

I love the old guy with the pink full body poncho!

Lynn said...

I'm thinkin' you are having WAY too much fun out there! How, in the world, are you going to want to come back home? Enjoy more than your triple share for me too!