Tuesday - Day 2 at Hollywood Studios

We did Hollywood Studios again today (I still want to call it MGM). I didn't take as many pictures because we did a lot of the same rides as last time. Except this time we did the big Toy Story ride....it was very fun! You get to shoot at targets and rack up points while riding around in a car, wearing 3D goggles. Line-ups for this ride were outrageous and 1/2way through the day the fast-passes were gone completely. Even late in the evening when we went back there was an 90-minute wait to ride the ride. One of the best things about this ride, and every ride at Disney, is the decor you walk through to get to the rides.....all completely perfect, thematic decor that makes you forget that you're walking forever and waiting in a line. This one was amazing....totally appeals, again, to my love of dioramas. If I had to pick my TOP job that I'd love to do at Disney, it'd be this: Designing sets/decor for rides. Here are some pics:

The other thing we did today that we hadn't yet, was The Backlot Tour. You drive around in a bus looking at old movie props and stuff. It's good, but it got GREAT for the boys when some old Star Wars props came into view...and then later when there was some Star Wars thing-or-other that you could sit on and have your picture taken (Apparently our children are unsure which direction you would actually lean if you were going FAST in something - science is not something we study in summer).

And of course, you have to pose with the Darth Maul costume! Seriously, who wouldn't want to have That Guy looking over your shoulder :)

We had planned to do the fireworks show at Hollywood Studios but we got there an hour early and it was standing room only so we scrapped it and went to Ghirardelli's for dessert in Downtown Disney instead :) Yummy Mint chocolate something - Mint Blitz I think it was called. Unbelievable.