Sunday - Animal Kingdom (take 2)

We did Animal Kingdom today for the second time (first time with Grandma & Grandpa). We knew there were lots of things they'd love there today and we wanted to share those experiences with them....the last time they were at Disney (16 years ago?) there WAS no Animal Kingdom. We started, of course, with the's good Every Single Time - a drive through Africa seeing real animals. I got a few more great pictures of the elephants and giraffe.

Our second stop was Expedition Everest. Mom & Dad did this crazy-coaster with us once and then when Trev got Fast Passes for a second round, they, and I sat the next round out. I can do it once but twice is too much for me. The second time, I thought I'd take pictures of every train coming out of the mountain in the hopes of getting a shot of Trev & the kids in their car....and the second train out had them in it. You can't see them well in here but they're in the back 2 rows. When I get home I'll crop it and you'll be able to see them :) Lucky shot on my part.

We did the Dinosaur ride (Mica's favourite) and we ate lunch at a place called "Restarant-asaurus" in Dino-land.

The rest of the day we watched some shows....The Lion King show which we saw the other day but wanted to see with Mom & Dad. It was totally worth seeing again although Trev & I both thought the main character singers were better earlier in the week than this performance. I guess it's not possible to keep your A-team in 4 shows a day, 7 days a week.

We also saw "Finding Nemo - the musical" today - unbelievable. The music was great (singers were phenomenal) and the puppetry was stunning....singers holding puppets that moved and swayed - you could swear they were really underwater. My absolute favourite was Crush the Turtle -actor/singer with fabulous voice and a very large, very perfect costume!

In the line-up for Nemo, we saw a grasshopper. Nothing special about that except that this thing was 1/2 the size of Mica's hand. Can you believe that thing? We actually saw another one later in the day closer to our condo. Freakish. Can you even imagine if this was the "locust" from the plagues of Exodus? Eeeeeeewww.

Oh, and earlier in the day we did the Maharajah walking tour though the forest (cages of Komodo Dragons, tigers, bats and tons of birds). Bet you didn't know this about me....but I LOVE bats. I'm fascinated by them and could watch them for hours. Part of my fascination comes, I think, from the fact that I had bats living in the rafters/roof of the farmhouse I grew up in and when my bedroom was in the attic for a few years, I could hear them skittering around up there sometimes. I even had one in the house once...and when we tore the porch off our house to move the house to a new basement, a whole "family" of them swooped out of the siding that was being ripped off. Crazy. Cool.

Anyway....that's Sunday. Can't believe we're here already - tomorrow we're doing Epcot, next day the Gulf of Mexico and then several more days of Disney. Thanks for hanging in here with me :)