Thursday: Epcot one last time.

We bought a 10-day pass to Disney so after doing each of the 4 parks twice (once with Mom & Dad and once with just our family before they got here), we had to decide as a group, which parks to do a third time. Epcot won out hands down.

We did a few rides early in the morning when there were no lineups but mostly we wandered around The World Showcase and poked our heads in and out of lots of country pavilions.

Trev bought a snack of Roasted Wasabi Green Peas. The jury's still out. They're good, and hot. One of those snacks that you keep eating because you can't decide if you love them or not.

We were the first ones in line for The Candy Lady again - in Japan. This time she chose our kids to make a candy animal for and they had decided ahead of time that if she chose them, they'd ask for a dragon. SO....they ended up with a beautiful purple dragon. It was amazing to watch her create it - I have it on video - but in the end, when we ate it because it was melting in the sun, it wasn't really that tasty. More art, than candy.

The boys spent some time trying hats and stuff on again -this picture in the American Pavillion.

In Africa: Dad, Trev & the boys played drums for a few minutes - I love these little interactive places they have set up :)

One really cool thing that we tried today was the Kim Possible Missions. You sign up at the entrance of the park and then go to your "Country" to get your first assignment. They give you a "cell phone" that has the characters from Kim Possible talking to you and giving you clues to find in various pavilions around Epcot. It was pretty fun for about 45 mins - 1 hour. You press buttons on your cell phone when you're near the next clue and something happens there to give you another clue - the beer steins in the German store started singing, the cuckoo clock opened up revealing the villain running around the clock, the parrot in the Mexican pavilion sang a song or was pretty cool. A great new way for Disney to get your kids to want to be at The World Showcase and get the families moving in and out of the stores.

We came back to the condo for a swim and nap....actually, Mom & Dad & I ended up reading and napping at the pool while Trev swam with the kids and I would have slept a longer time except there was a few raindrops that woke me up :) And then we ended the day with a delicious supper at Chili's. Better waiter, better balloon artist, better food than earlier in the week....a great meal!