Monday - Epcot (take 2)

We're at Epcot today :) It's the biggest park I think, with the most walking, so we planned again, to do the park early, come back to the condo for lunch/swim/nap/coffee, and then back to the park till it closed. Worked Perfectly. This is Cale & me as we're walking out of the park (close to 9:30pm)....we're awake, but barely and if I had stopped walking here I might never have started up again. Bagged. But having fun!

The kids are doing great. Mica's hand is still quite swollen - I think she'll need more than a splint when she gets home but we'll see. She's icing it as much as possible. The boys are great. Egan's pretty tired from all the walking but he's keeping up and he's "checking his attitude" and sitting on my lap for snuggles at some of the shows to re-charge. This picture is just outside of Germany's pavilion as we wait for some more German Chocolate to finish off our Chinese food meal.

We saw some acrobats performing at the Chinese pavilion. They were amazing - this girl was hula hooping with all these hoops (don't ask me how) and when she had them spread out like this Cale said it looked like she was inside a slinky. He also commented that some of the jumps the boys were doing, he probably couldn't even do on a trampoline.

Ok...these pictures are hilarious to me. We've been twice now on Spaceship's a slow-moving ride inside the big Ball at Epcot. Basically it's a ride about how the communication has changed on the earth, starting with grunting and cave drawings, through alphabet and papyrus development, through printing presses, radio & TV and ending with computers and the hint that there'll be even more options in the future. Somewhere during the ride it takes your picture (lots of rides do to capture your surprise and to try to charge you $20 to buy your picture). This ride though, does something funny with your pictures. It cuts your face out of your picture and then uses just the face in a video game-type thing that you do at the end of the ride (you choose what kind of life you think you might like to have in the future: city vs. country; space vs. undersea; etc...) and then it puts your choices into a cartoon with your face in it. This particular time, Egan & I decided to make funny faces when we did it - below are 2 of the many pictures I took of our computer screen as our game/video played out.

Oh yeah, this one's fun too.....a ride called "The Land" It's a boat ride showing how we're changing how we work the land to conserve our resources...and then it ends with a tour of a greenhouse with some amazing plants and technologies that they're testing and trying. Nine pound lemons, plants that grow with little or no soil at all (just a watering system that delivers water and nutrients by spray directly to exposed roots), plants that grow in sand and this beauty.....what I'd LOVE to have in my backyard - a tomato tree. This whole plant is ONE plant....but it's been trained to grow up and across a screen making a finished plant that's probably 10 ft x 10 ft across, all growing from one single plant...and producing tomatoes up to 15 months straight. I'm tempted to put up a greenhouse in my backyard just for this.

Lastly, not Disney, but still fun.....we went to Cracker Barrel for supper last night. Maybe not my favourite restaurant ever but a fun crafty gift shop in the front and I took some pictures of some things to make/do when I get home and have time to scrapbook and play again!