Tuesday - Cocoa Beach

We had a lovely lazy start to the day today - sleeping in, coffee in bed while I got a little further in my book, and then a huge breakfast of bacon, eggs and hashbrowns (TaterTots actually, which led to lots of Napoleon Dynomite references and then we had to explain them to the kids). On the way out of the condo complex, we saw this hawk...just sitting around, right beside the guy mowing the lawns.

And here I am in the van....I have to take most of my own pictures, or specifically hand someone the camera and say "take a picture of me here, and here..."

Cocoa Beach didn't have quite as many seashells as the kids would have liked but we got a few....and we're planning a day on the Gulf side next week when Trev's Mom & Dad get here.

The waves were awesome though. When we first got there (around 11:30) they were, as the internet predicted, between 2-3 ft. tall (above the level of the water....so if you were already standing in up to your chest....you're under water when the wave hits. By 3:00 when we left, we'd had some really big ones too - closer to 4-4 1/2 ft tall. So fun. The kids would have stayed for several more hours but it was definitely time to get them out of the sun. Despite religious sunscreening....we Manitobans aren't built for sitting in water directly below a big fireball. We all have places that we're a little pink.....Trev's back, the kids noses or one of their shoulders, and me....well....let's just say my swimsuit must sit slightly lower in the front than my usual tanktops do :) We'll be fine....nothing a little lotion can't take care of.

Here are some of my favourite shots of the kids:

And, the funny story of the day: Egan & I took a break from swimming to come in for granola bars, which he took one bite of and then promptly dropped into the sand. D'oh. I chucked it a few feet away from us and said, hey, wouldn't it be funny if the birds came to get it. Seriously...I barely had time to get my camera out before a seagull came down and started going to town on that thing. That was funny enough....but then as Cale came to join us, it got funnier when the other birds realized their buddy had found the motherload of crumbs (nearly an entire granola bar) and they came in for their share. The first guy got really feisty...hissing and squaking at them and chasing them away. Funnier yet was when he'd take off after one thief and another one would sneak in behind for a quick nibble. The granola bar had broken apart by this time and there was no way that guy was going to be able to protect this spoils....it became a race to eat it and chase the thieves way at the same time. Very funny. In the third picture down you can see him scolding and strutting around his prize.

When we'd had enough of the sun, we showered off by the beach, got dressed and drove down to Cocoa Beach Pier. We sat at the restaurant on the pier and had a platter of fried seafood...crab, clam, shrimp and some other fish. I, of course, was in my glory because I love seafood but even Trev liked most of it and I think I may have to fight the kids off eventually because they're all developing a taste for seafood.
That's it for today, so far....if anything else great happens, I'll let you know :)


Monica said...

Cathy ... I'm reading all this with interest b/c we really want to do a trip to Florida with the kids one summer. I've heard horror stories of how hot it is in July/August, but you guys seem to be having a great time. :)