Thursday - Epcot marathon

Today we did a 13+ hour Epcot Marathon. Seriously. We were there 1/2 hour before the park opened, and we left after the fireworks. My feet hurt. I know, I know...poor baby....shut up - you're in Disney. Sorry. And just so I can get all my whining out of the way up front, it's been hovering between 92 and 95 degrees all week. You kinda forget when you're inside a ride but the second you step outside, you WILT. Freaking hot. And no, there is absolutely NO reason to wear make-up here. It would be sweated off in the first few minutes. I am not built for this much heat.

Ok, enough complaining. Today was awesome. And in no particular order, here are some pics from the day:

Fireworks to die for! We got to the park early and stayed till the very end of the park day.

Mexican food for supper. We couldn't decide on Mexican or Chinese so we had a little of each :)

We tried on A Lot of hats today - these at the Chinese pavilion where we at supper - yummy Sesame Chicken and Sweet & Sour Pork.

The coolest miniature train set up in the Germany area....Trev & I found some shade and the kids checked out all the cool stuff in the little town including the money that people had been dropping into the train cars and the penny that was stuck on the track.

The candy lady. We saw her last time too - at the Japanese pavillion. She makes any animal you want, out of candy...right in front of you and they're amazing. Last time we were here (3 years ago) she made Mica a beautiful hummingbird....we saved it for several days but knew we couldn't fly home with it so we ate it. Today the line up of kids was too long to get in the queue but it was still amazing to watch her work. And she chatters the whole time, in English, but with such a heavy Japanese accent that it's hard to understand her. She just says over and over, "I make any animal, giraffe, tiger, lion, dophin, one minute, I make for you, any animal, yummy candy, I make for you, free candy, here the tail, here the legs, here the head, he say hello, I make free candy for you, any animal..." etc, etc. It's quite funny.

They re-did the Circle-vision movie at the Canadian Pavillion - it used to be native hunters on horses chasing bison, etc, etc....but now it's narrated by Martin Short and it's a video montage of all of Canada's beautiful places. I say ALL, but really I mean MOST of Canadas places. I love how even here in Disney, they mention BC, Alberta and then skip over to Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. Like we're not even here. There was one tiny scene in the movie with a farmer combining in a wheat field or something but it was SO brief and there was almost nothing at all said about the prairie provinces. They do know we make their food, right? The song at the end was sung by Eva Avila... pretty good gig, singing a Canada song at Disney. Hope there was some good $$ in that for her :)

The kids got picked to do a little game in a Velcro demonstration game show - the boys had to pack stuffies into bags (with velcro on them) and then stick them to Mica's fuzzy smock. Silly but they had fun.

A new ride, NEMO - pretty fun....Disney does such a great job of the video interacting with you making you think the characters are actually real. Definitely worth seeing!!

The newest ride turned out to be everyone's favourite - Test Track. They take you on this tour of a car-testing facility and then tell you they're going to put you in the car and run some tests on it. It's pretty fun doing hill climbing, rough road and tight cornering tests. The best is the end of the ride when they put you outside on a rollercoast track and push you up to 65 miles an hour. We went on here twice and will be doing it again next week for sure.

Whew. We opened the park, and closed it today - not how we usually roll but it was a fun, exhausting, fun (I already said that, didn't I?) day. I'm off to shower and bed :)


beautyinallthings said...

Whew! That does sound like a busy day. I can't believe the girl who loves heat can't handle it. I would just die....

Maria said...

looks like tons of fun - yeah, I sure couldn't handle that kind of heat all day either.