That's more like it.

OK, we finally got the rental van - a very nice bright red Town & Country. And we found our condo (not without a navigating fight b/w the 2 of us first but....oh well), and the Walmart and we stocked up on groceries AND we made it to Disney. We just did Downtown Disney tonight but that's the place the boys most wanted to go. They "needed" more lego apparently (that's very sarcastic for any of you who don't know about the growing MOUNTAIN of lego that has evolved in our home over the past few years. We walked around quite a bit - saw the stores, tried on hats, and waited for our reservation at Rainforest Cafe (the earliest we could get in was 9:30 - the kids get such a kick out of the late supper routine but it really works well for us on holidays). I'm stufffed. We did our usual supper trick to get enough food without the HUGE expense and that is to share 3 adult meals instead of bothering with kiddie the 5 of us shared 1.) Coconut shrimp/steak/ribs platter, 2.) Appetizer platter with cheese sticks/calamari/nachos with spinach dip and some Chimi-cha-cha thing and also 3. ) a pasta dish (boys' request) that had chicken and brocolli and all kinds of great stuff in it. Yum. Let me tell you - at the end of this day, the granola bars and McDonalds hamburger were LONG gone.

Good night!

Pictures of our condo - dining room/living room ; kitchen ; master bedroom

Yes, as we drove into Disney for the first time it was it didn't last long and it's so warm here that it feels good and you're dry right away. Actually it's not as hot as we thought - about 70 degrees.

The Lego store of course:
The boys with their purchase - a bin (all you can stuff in for $12.95 and a set of people - build them yourselves 3 people/$9.99

Trev paying with the boys - Behind them on the back wall....those are individual bins of same-type lego things (everything from blocks to gates to windows to wheels to roof pieces, etc.,etc. and you can fill up a bucket (the large one is 12.95 I think).

And, the best (not economically, but best fun) is making yourself 3 guys out of this huge bin of parts and taking home what you make - 3 guys/$9.99. At least all the boys shopping is out of the way on the first day :)


beautyinallthings said...

That is awesome!! I love that you let them spend their money on the first day. Hopefully they will not regret it.

The condo looks amazing!!! I am so happy for you that it is nice.

Miss you already...