Sunday - Walt Disney World

I'm blogging Monday b/c yesterday we got home exhausted :) We did The Magic Kingdom early in the morning, came back to the condo for a swim 1/2 way through the day and then went back in the evening....only to have it POUR rain when we got there the second time. At first we thought we'd wait it out in the Monorail cover but it never stopped so we just went for it.

First always....tradition insists upon it: Pirates of the Caribbean! It wasn't changed as much as I thought it would be (they've revamped it to be more like the movies) but it was still stellar! It TOTALLY appeals to my love of dioramas :) Plus, hello....Captain Jack Sparrow! The kids loved it.

Second stop: My absolute favourite ride ever: Splash Mountain. We got soaked. I don't remember this from last year but they actually stop your boat at the bottom just in the right spot so that the boat coming down the big drop splashes right into your boat. A Lot. Soaked. I was so thankful for a "rain" cover for my camera bag.

Right next door: Big Thunder Railway - this was Egan's first big thrill/rollarcoaster ride. He is totally hooked.

I have Monday pictures too but I"ll post those later when I've napped :)



beautyinallthings said...

It looks like a blast!!
PS I stole your cheese you shredded before you left. I was making pizza and Trev won't be home until 630 so I was in a pinch. I will replace it....