Saturday - Magic Kingdom with Grandma & Grandpa

We used our "this works for us" trick today to make the most of our day at Magic Kingdom. What is our trick, you ask? This: Up early, good breakfast, get to the park before it opens. Hit the good rides first and make use of fast passes until noon-ish when the line-ups start to get longer. Home to the condo for a quick lunch (sandwiches), a swim in the pool to cool down, and a nap! Today we actually all slept in the afternoon - it was lovely! And we took the time for a leisurely cup of coffee before part 2 of our "trick" which is: Head back to the park around 4pm or so just as everyone else is getting tired of the park and heading home. Now we're rested and ready to go with enough energy to stay for the late night Light Parade and Fireworks show. Just before midnight the kids ran through the shower and hit the hay. We wouldn't run this long a day too many days in a row, but today was very nice. The clouds never materialized into a storm but they did keep the blazing sun at bay so that was very nice too.

A few quick pictures....I need to let Trev get back to the Bomber game soon :)

The kids didn't want to line up for character autographs and photos anymore but Stitch happens to be Cale's favourite and there was no line-up so we did this one and one more today.

Mica did great with her splint on today - no complaining even though it was hot in there. She even stuck some Disney stickers on it.

In Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Dad got to be "That Guy" - it's a long story - but that's HIM up on the screen beside the main stage.

Yes, we did "It's a Small World" and if anyone starts singing that song to me ever again, I may throw up :) I did realize though, that NOTHING Canadian is in that ride, at all....not even the politically incorrect Eskimo anymore. They just took us out altogether.

Mom & Dad with the kids at Magic Kingdom.


beautyinallthings said...

I love that shirt Mica is wearing!! I wonder where she got it?

Alanne said...

It was great to read all about your vacation!!! Sorry to hear about Mica's arm. But love the tips about staying in a condo and how to best spend your days.

Love you guys! Hi to all.