We've been in Orlando for several hours now. Guess how much of it we've seen. Zip. Nada. Well, I shouldn't say that. We have seen hours and hours of the Dollar Rent-a-car place and I did venture as far as the 3rd floor McDonalds since all we've had since 5am is a few granola bars. Not exactly as we'd hoped but the kids are doing good. Bored, tired, hungry and impatient. But good.
We're looking forward to swimming and a really, really, really good supper somewhere in Downtown Disney!!



Maria said...

Oh yay!! You made it safe and sound :-) Sorry about the hours at 'rent a car' - have a great supper & fun at the Lego store!! Take pictures of the Lego store if you think of it - Sarah would love to see that! :-) Love you!!