Monday - Hollywood Studios

Today we went to Hollywood Studios...formerly called MGM. This was a highly anticipated day b/c we were all really looking forward to a few rides in particular. Rockin' Rollercoaster has become a household name in our home. 3 years ago when we came, we MADE, and I really mean MADE Cale go on Rockin' Rollercoaster. He cried and argued with us and we made him go anyway. This is classic Cale behaviour by the way - unwilling to try new things even when we know he'll love it. And, according to classic Cale behaviour, as soon as he was off the ride we forced him onto, he asked to go again and he's been talking about going back ever since. In our home now, Rockin' Rollercoaster has come to mean anything that we're scared to try but have to anyway (new foods, a new sport, making a new friend, etc). SO....of course, that's the first place we headed as soon as the park was open. There is nothing quite like full-blast Aerosmith, completely black upside-down roller coaster and flashing neon lights :)
Trev & the kids came in as excited as when they went in, with plans to go back there again during the day. I came out wondering if I should have gone in - perhaps being 38 isn't the time in my life when I'll start to love coasters. I knew I wouldn't do it too many times in a row.

Next stop: Tower of Terror. Now....this ride I LOVED last time we were here. Trev, not so much, but Mica and Egan & I rode this ride 2 or 3 times last time we were here. This time it was all I could do not to throw up. Seriously - yuck. I think the problem stemmed from RR just before this but 2 rides like this in a row nearly did me in. Too bad...because I think, on it's own, it would still be one of my favourites. I love the look of this ride as you walk up mainstreet.

We did a few more shows - The Muppet Theatre, The Lights/Motors/Action Car stunt show and of course.....dun dun duh dun.....the Indiana Jones stunt show. know how I've said that I can always tell if something has hit home with our boys when they come home and act it out with their lego or dress up like what they've just seen? It wasn't 10 minutes after getting back to the condo that they were doing stunts like Indiana Jones with their lego guys and their "stunt stuffies" that they'd brought from home.

And then we were done. We only made it for about 5 1/2 hours was so hot (nearly 92 degrees) and we were so tired, so we booked it back to the condo and hung out at the pool for awhile. Then we played in our A/C (I had a nap, actually) and we ate a great supper here and then bummed around some gift shops and outlet mall stores. Bought almost nothing except some travel mugs so we could take coffee with us to the beach tomorrow. That's the plan so far, although they keep postponing the shuttle launch so we may go to Cocoa Beach on Wed. to see the launch. I'll let you know :)


Maria said...

Love seeing the pictures - SO glad you guys are having such an awesome time AND that you have a great A/C condo for naps (all important if you ask me) and breaks from the heat :-)