MCC to the rescue, and parachuting bears

We're going to Disney in a couple of weeks and I really, really wanted to take my new camera along (Canon SX10) but I loved being hands-free like last time so I needed a "fanny-pack"-style camera bag and was dreading the thought of having to make one before we left yet. THEN....MCC to the rescue! (MCC, for those of you who don't know is a thrift store in my city run by Mennonite Central Committee with all proceeds going to MCC missions - so an amazing cause and our particular store has 3 full storerooms full of treasures!). My DD actually found this there, thinking it was just a regular fanny-pack, but when we took it home (for a whopping $0.50), I realized it was a discman/CD carrier and that the sides were padded just like my camera bag from Black's. My camera wouldn't fit in here, but when I cut out the centre wall dividing what would be your discman, from your CDs...I found I had a larger pocket that my camera DID fit in! Also, there are several little pockets in the back and along the side (for tickets and ID) and ALSO...bonus: one of the pockets inverts to form a raincover for the whole fannypack (That will be invaluable for rides like Kali-River Rapids and Splash Mountain which we plan to spend a lot of time on). And all for $0.50. I love MCC.

SO, summer has just begun and my kids are bored already. Imagine that. Fortunately for them, today's Canada Day (July 1) so that means their DAD is home from work for the day. And what I lack in the "play" department of this parenting team, he more than makes up for! Today he helped them make parachutes (out of large plastic bags) for their stuffed animals and then he proceeded to climb onto the roof and throw them off. And, I might add...not just any old plastic bag tied on, either...they actually researched proper parachute construction, length and weight ratios and everything. They worked perfectly (when we packed them right). Yay Dad!
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The Biehns said...

You always have a way of finding amazing MCC treasures! How cool! and I love the parachutes!!