Friday....a little bit of lazy, a little bit of OOPS.

Today was our planned lazy day. We knew we had to be at the Orlando airport to pick up Trev's parents after lunch so we spent the day cleaning the condo a little, having coffee, watching Animal Planet and lazing around. Our "little bit of lazy" was just lovely - especially in light of yesterday (see last post - Epcot marathon) Then came our "little bit of OOPS." Mica & I were tearing bedding off her queen bed so we could remake it for Mom & Dad with clean bedding and somehow she tripped over the pile of blankets on the floor and fell wrong on her hand and OOPS...fractured her hand. D'oh! Trev took her to a clinic that is seriously, 1/4 block from here - they don't DO hands apparently but they recommended another clinic that's a couple blocks from here at the Walmart parking lot (we DO know where that is!) They, of course, didn't have an X-ray tech in till 5pm so they made an appointment for 5pm and came back home. She iced it all day and at 5 (after picking Grandma & Grandpa up at the airport, another grocery trip to Walmart and an afternoon swim), Trev took her back for her appointment and sure enough....fractured. She came back with a really nice black splint. We'll have to get her checked out when we're home but for now this will do - she's going to baby it this week....and she can take it off to swim and shower for now.

After her appointment we tried to make reservations for supper at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney but they don't take reservations after 4pm so we went there anyway hoping to get a walk-in seat. When we got there though, we changed our minds and went here instead: T-Rex. The whole restaurant is done in dinosaur decor and the room we ate in actually was inside a glacier of some plastic roof that glowed blue most of the time except for the every-20-minute-meteor shower that rained down, then the roof glowed red and purple. Very very cool!
Of course, the boys had to show Grandma & Grandpa The Lego Store...
....especially the Wall of lego that you can choose from to buy buckets of...
and the lego sculptures outside that you can pose with. In this one picture - 4 of the people are made of Lego, 3 are our kids, 2 are my in-laws and 1 is some kid who wouldn't get out of the picture....thanks a lot mom...we got out for your picture.

After supper we did a little walking around checking out stores....and we found this street entertainer doing some juggling and a few little sleight of hand tricks. I love this about Disney - everything's a show.


beautyinallthings said...

OOPs. Well, I bet you didn't guess it could happen changing the sheets! Now you don't have to worry any more because the broken limb has been done!