Bike Gang on our street

Last night my kids had a buddy over biking in the parking lot behind our house. When I went out to call them in for night, I was a little alarmed...what had originally seemed like a big empty parking lot for them to play in, now sounded like a Biker's convention. I wondered what in the world all the racket was and how they were still playing back there with such traffic. But, coming around the corner of the house to actually view the parking lot - all I saw was the boys and their bikes...not motorcycles, no cars...just the boys and their bikes. The sound, as it turned out, was coming from them.

Remember in the 70's when all boys put hockey cards between the frame and spokes of their bikes to get that cool flippityflippityflippity sound when they drove? Well, my boys just took that to a whole new level. Last night they discovered that if you shove a disposable water bottle in there, with the bottom of the water bottle hitting the spokes, you get this CRAZY loud Harley sound. It was so funny - I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Of course, this morning before Trev left for work, he had to see what it was all about so Cale went out in his pajamas and gave his Dad a demonstration. Trev immediately whipped out his phone, took a quick video and by this morning it was already talked about on the radio and the video is up on I think Trev might have some mixed feelings....extreme pride for his boys and possibly a little regret that his Wayne Gretsky Rookie cards didn't make the same great racket back in the 70's.

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