Thank goodness for the tree

We're having a major thunderstorm here right now.....I took these 2 pictures out the back garage door - our BBQ toppled over on the deck and our trampoline blown upside down into the tree. This tree is about 10 feet from our house so without the tree there, this would have blown right into the side of our house. Guess I'll have some clean up to do tomorrow - my plants on the deck are knocked over and my lawn furniture is against the neighbours far. Hopefully I'll be able to find it in the morning :)

ETA: a few more pictures once the rain stopped:
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Tracey Taylor said...

YIKES!!!! That's quite a storm.

Maria said...

Wasn't it crazy!? We didn't have any damage, but Phil got paged to go into work b/c they had hydro lines down :-(

Anonymous said...

"Ouch" There goes "our" trampoline! So glad no one was hurt. Mom