Happy Graduation Mica!

My baby girl graduated from Grade 6 today!
She's so excited and proud, and excited...did I mention excited?
Oh...and sad. She's worried about not seeing her friends much since in Jr. High they're in several different home rooms and mixed with the kids from several surrounding elementary schools. I think it will be much better than she's expecting but there's definitely an element of bittersweetness at this junction in her life.

I'm so proud of her! She's a lovely girl and I love watching her grow into the godly young woman God's making her!

This is her (right) with her teacher (left). They had an awesome year together and shared a secret special bond b/c they shared the same middle and last names :) Here she is getting her Grade 6 Diploma.

And, here she is getting an academic award for having an average of 90% or higher. That's my girl! Smarty pants :)

I love the home-made grad hat, don' t you? All the classes made them the day before - each class had their own colour of tassel. I think the scotch tape is an especially nice touch LOL.

The story of the dress:
She has had her eye on this dress at the thrift store for several months - mostly because she liked the satiny feel of it and she though it would swish nicely when she ran in it...she'd been asking me for months to buy it for her so she could run around in the grass with it. It was pretty highly priced and because all she wanted to do was play in it, I didn't think it was a wise investment. BUT, a couple of weeks ago, we went to the MCC and it was still there and she was still so enamored with it that I gave in and let her try it on. Well, shoot...if it didn't fit her perfectly and look amazing on her. She said that all she wanted it for was grad (1/2 hour) and then to play in this summer. We noticed, while we were trying it on, a few fraying parts that looked OK now but won't after too much more wear so we asked the cashier if the price looked appropriate for the dress's condition and she looked shocked that it was priced so high and took the price down to 1/3 of the original price. Sold. It's not that I won't buy her new clothes but I know my daughter and dresses....they'll end up being on her to climb trees and play hide & seek in the dark or something so this now, was a wise investment for us. She was thrilled and has been twirling and swirling around the house for the whole week waiting for Grad. She even picked out a nice spaghetti strap tank for underneath because she's very modest. I am so proud of her!!

And now for something completely different:
This is me (on the right), leading a calf around by a rope. Our staff wind-up was last night and we ran an Amazing Race course that was set up by a couple of our staff members. This was the first of many challenges and it involved donning these lovely white coveralls at a local dairy farm, rubber boots (which we were warned ahead of time we would need on the race) and leading a calf around a set of grain bins and tying it back up. My farm upbringing came in really handy here as a lot of the staff were frightened by the prospect of touching cows or getting muddy. I, on the other hand was just glad that this was a task I picked and I didn't get stuck finding licorice candy in a plate full of mustard, ketchup, mayo, BBQ sauce and relish (without my hands). Gross. I'll take cow poop anyday.

Other tasks included: donning a hula skirt & lei and getting cars driving by to honk at you, sling-shotting waterballoons down Abe's Hill to a target, counting washers in a bucket at the local John Deer Dealer, taking pictures of complete strangers wearing a clown wig, and unscrambling a few clues to get where we needed to go. We got majorly stuck on one unscrambling clue and so we came in dead last, fair and square. Oh well...good fun was had by all I'm sure. Supper and Pina Coladas never tasted so good :)
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