She's so me :) and Things That Make My Day

Mica cleaned up at the Track & Field meet today. She's been so excited about this for weeks already and hoping to do her very best and beat her practice records. Today she did that, and more. 2 First places - Shotput and Softball throw- as well as some seconds, a few thirds and a 4th. I think she got ribbons in 8 of the 10 events she participated in. She's exhausted and thoroughly pleased with herself. She even broke her previous record and set a new Girls Shotput record for the school.

I say, "she's so me" because I totally remember cleaning up at my Grade 6 Track meet. Of course, in my defense, I was a foot taller than everyone, including the boys. Oh was awkward but it paid off at Track & Field time :)

Also...."she's so me" because after school, despite how tired she was, she practically begged to go the MCC store. Aaaahh...that's my girl: Loves a good bargain, loves the treasure hunt! She found a couple of really cute skirts to play around in this summer and there's this dress that she's been eyeing for a long time at the MCC store but it was $15. I'm not really willing to pay that for a play dress despite the fact that she loves it. But today we decided to try it on and just see if it even fit. It did. Perfectly. D'oh. Then we also noticed that it was not in the best shape anymore - satin that's fraying a little at the seams and pilling in lots of spots. So, we questioned the price for the quality and they sold it to us for $5. Done. She's happy as a clam. In fact, I should probably have checked tonight to make sure she's not wearing it to bed LOL.

That was her big treasure.
Mine on the other hand was cheaper but I'm going to have way more fun with mine!!

This bowl - 25 cents. It's a gorgeous deep blue-teal. I sometimes pick stuff like this up for my friend Maria, but sorry friend...this one's mine :)

And a baggie filled with trims. It was hard to see what was all in the bag when I bought it but for $1 - it's hard to pass up. When I opened it up at home...this is about 1/2 of what was all in there:
A few things that make my day:
1. The buttons in the bowl in the picture above - they're a gift from a friend I made last summer. Her name is Kelley. We met a CHA - I did a little work for her at the Moxxie booth and we chatted a little. Then over the last fall/winter, we've met online at 2peas on the For Sale/For Trade forum as we're both purging our stashes. She bought something from me, and I bought something from her...we've joked about just swapping stashes and being done with it :) Anyway, a few weeks ago, I purchased a lot of envelopes and card bases from her in a huge rainbow of colours and some Kraft paper. They came yesterday in a USPS box STUFFED full of stuff - the stuff I bought, and also some trims, flowers, vellum, extra paper, brads, stencil and 2 big bags of gorgeous buttons. I know it's just "stuff" but the fact that someone who hardly knows me at all would go the extra mile (or 2) like that for me was very touching, this week in particular.

2. Cosmo Cricket. I know I talk about them a lot on my scrapbooking blog but for those of you who don't know - Cosmo Cricket is one of my favourite scrapbooking companies....not only because their stuff is beautiful and usable and just my kinda thing...but also because they too, are a company that goes the extra mile. I had a box coming from them with some Design Team product in it and when it came this was above and beyond what they'd said they'd send. When I think about companies doing this is just makes me wanna shout their praises. It was unnecessary....but a blessing for me and it made my day.

3. Glue Arts. Wow - Kudos to 2 of my favourite scrapping companies in one post today. I just placed an order for some refills for my adhesives and I have to say - Glue Arts has The Best Customer Service Ever. Last summer at CHA, Karen gave me a bag full of goodies to play with - and this week, while trying to place my order and figuring out discounts, and shipping to Canada, Jennie has been an angel!


Maria said...

Oh man, I want the teal bowl!!! When you get sick of it, send it my way ;-) WAY TO GO on the track & field Mica!!!!!