Hockey Cards on my Epson 810

My boys play football. But they collect hockey cards. And better than that....they've recently drawn their own hockey cards, complete with a back full of stats and self-portraits with their favourite team jerseys on. Cale brought his home from school and he was so proud of all the work he'd put into it - I was was extremely detailed. As soon as Egan saw Cale's...he wanted to make one of his own and he wanted an extra of Cale's so he could "trade" and add it to his Hockey Card binder.

Enter my new printer.
I haven't don't a lot of colour printing with it but everytime I do, I'm so impressed by the quality! These hockey cards were no exception.

Check these out:

The center card is the original that Cale coloured with marker at school and the 2 on the sides are printed on my Epson Artisan 810. I was so impressed with the colour and the quality and the boys were beside themselves with pride as they "traded" their hockey cards with each other.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Tell the boys Grandma & Grandma are so impressed, too. Where do they get that artistic talent & initiative from? Mom