I need some help figuring this out

I found this cupboard at my thrift store a week or so ago. It apparently was someone's old homemade entertainment unit - perfect for a flat record player and an extensive collection of LPs. It had some nasty peeling laminate on the outside and some very gaudy doorknobs. Both were easily removed :)
Now, I've seen units like this before but usually they are built for 10"-12" LPs and therefore, the compartments are just slightly too short for 12" paper. This one has 13" compartments (both back to front, and top to bottom). SCORE!

OK...so here's my dilemma.
I want it in my scraproom. How do I set it up??
I've already taken the doors off and sanded it down (*beautiful oak plywood underneath)
Here's what it looks like so far:

This is still my favourite way to have it - it stands about 5' tall this way and I have room for the footprint. Downside? My paper has to stand vertical. Do I want that? It's what I have now by the way, but should I rather flip it like this:

It will stand flat - I have one piece in the garage and one out b/c it was raining just then...but you get the idea. A bigger footprint (not sure I have the space) and I certainly don't have so much paper that I'd need all these shelves horizontal. I would love the countertop space though :)
Here's another configuration:

I could put one horizontal and the other vertical. The very top of this now stands at 7' but I'm 6' tall so this isn't really a hardship for me. Plus, my printer could sit on the excess shelf.

Here's the other way around:

This way I'd have more flat-paper space but still have some vertical storage for magazines and stuff like that. Not sure what to do with those long spaces on the bottom left...? and the top does hang over a little this way - is it too weird?

OK...enter: an old cupboard I had in my scraproom already - it's a knock-together TV stand I think and crappy laminate that I will have a brutal time painting over....but interestingly, it's almost the same height as the smaller 1/2 cabinet on it's end. If I shim it a little and use them both on the floor, and the big one on top it looks like this:


Or, I could flip that and use the big one on the bottom and both smaller ones on top. Again....this may look funny b/c the small one on the top left isn't a match and I may not even be able to paint it out as nicely as the other two.


Any opinions from scrapbookers/crafters? What am I going to love?
I'm in the process of painting the whole thing out white and I'm going to paint ALL of it in case by flipping it around, some side is showing that wasn't originally intended to show. Now if the rain would stop I could get some paint dry around here!


Maria said...

I think it looks the best the way it came, but I don't know about what fits best in your space. Once it's painted bring it down there and then play around with it. You love moving around furniture, don't you ;-)

Joanne said...

I like #4 or the original.