A little (late) Spring Break Before & After

Over Spring Break this year I took a few days to makeover a couple of cabinets for a friend of mine.  One was a large hutch they were using as a TV/entertainment unit and the other was a much smaller, older cabinet that belonged to her Grandfather, I believe.  Here are my before & afters :)  Both were already stripped so that made this project quite easy but they did require quite a bit of sanding and touch-up. 

The entertainment hutch had already been previously repurposed....it used to be a separated upper section with a bar down the center and an extra shelf inside - the divider bar had already come down (been attached to one of the doors so it still closed properly but a TV could fit inside) but if you looked inside you could still see where the shelf had once been and that required some sanding to make it look like it had always been a big open space.  Amazing though what some sanding and primer can hide :)

Entertainment hutch BEFORE:

and AFTER:

Grandfather's cabinet had a drawer in the bottom that hadn't been opened for awhile and I had to tip the cabinet on it's front and shake like crazy to get it out of there :)  Before and after painting, I sanded the edges of the drawer down so that once it was finished, it would slide in and out.  Also, putting hardware on the drawer helped.  I had a lot of fun doing this little piece although I don't think it would have been quite as much fun to do those spindles on the side without my paint sprayer (probably my favourite new toy!!).

Grandfather's cabinet BEFORE:

and AFTER:

I love the "after" picture my friend sent me - maybe this just appeals to me a lot because I'm in the process of converting my own house to grey/white with teal accents.  Love it!


Alanne Schellenberg said...

Love it! Beautiful Work.