Getting organized with the Epson LabelWorks LW-400

 Check out what came to my door the other day!!  The LW-400 from Epson. Epson asked me to use it for a few weeks and review it for them :) course I will.  If you know anything about me, you know I love to label and organize things so this is RIGHT up my alley.  

And let me tell you :  This is not your old turn-the-wheel-cachunk-cachunk-labelmaker, my friends.  
It is slick!  It's easy-to-use!  And it's very, very addicting :)  The backlit display is easy to read;  the instructions are very user-friendly (something I personally look for in any electronic device); and hello - it's a Qwerty Keyboard!  That is awesome.  Just like texting, iykwim!  

My first project was a little kitchen cupboard Spring Cleaning.
I am lucky enough to have gotten on the Tupperware bandwagon as it came through town in the 80s and 90s....but the labels that came with mine have seen better days: 

 Most are gone altogether.  This is my favourite - I think it's "Cormeal" but I'd have to stick my finger in and taste it to be sure.
Definitely time for an upgrade and some better labeling.  The package I got from Epson had a few different tape styles to try out so I put in the "Black on Clear" tape to start labeling this Tupperware.  

 Knowing off the top of my head what was in my cupboards, I crawled into bed with a tray, a good movie and the LW-400 and went to town printing out labels that would catalog and classify all the food items in my cupboards.  I even made use of the cool new icon and border frame features - so much fun!
 Ta-da...ingredient harmony :)  I even had to dig a few MORE containers out so I could keep going - No original packaging is safe in this home :)
 And once the cooking and baking items were done, I couldn't stop myself and I moved over to the pasta/rice cupboard too.....Yay! 

I have a couple more projects on the go using the LabelWorks LW-400.....I'll have to see if I can get them done yet this weekend!  For one of them, I may need an extra ounce of'll know what I'm talking about if I actually get pictures to go along with it.  

All in all though - a great start to my Spring Cleaning and I LOVE looking in well organized and well-labeled cupboards like this.  

Product was received to review - views are my own - no monetary compensation was recieved.


Plett Family said... I think I'm in love. That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Cathy said...

Hey Bev....I'll bring it when I come down on Friday - get your stuff ready to label :)