Therapy Cats get an Epson dish-makeover

We've had dogs over the years....Disley & Bean (may they rest in peace) and we are definitely dog-people.  BUT, we're also pretty spontaneous and we live in town where dogs can't really run like they're meant to.  Shortly after 5 became 4 at our home, we were given a lovely little grey stray kitten who IMMEDIATELY wormed his way into our hearts. 

 A year later we lucked into another little kitten (another stray found starving under a friend's shed)...
... and not just any old kitten, but one who, after a week of adjustment, bonded closely with our first. Now we have 2 who love us and love each other - how amazing is that!!? 

 We lovingly refer to Wasabi (our first, the boy) and Soya (our second, the girl) as our Therapy Cats because they are snuggly when we need it;  playful when we're in the mood; and they've licked more than their share of tears from our faces when that's what we need.  I'm not exactly sure how the last couple of years would have turned out without them....and that may sound a bit "coo-koo" to those of you who haven't been here, or aren't animal people at all....but we have found ourselves to also be Cat-people and these 2 furry friends have dug their way in deep into our hearts. I wandered around the house with my Epson LW-400, I couldn't help but notice their small, white, unlabelled food dishes - how sad :(  They deserve better than that.  I'd already tried out the borders and icons with the labeling I did in my cupboards but who wouldn't want a chance to use more of them, including the little cutsie cat faces in the "animals" section. the Therapy cats are sporting individualized food dishes!  

Now if I could only teach them to read and eat out of their own dishes.

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Corinna said...

So cute! You could easily win me over to kittens too, the way you're talking. :) I'm feeling very open to pets these days, crazy!!

Maria said...

LOVE it!! :)