Cards for the museum

 I mentioned a few posts ago that one of my "new adventures" is that the museum here in town is going to be selling my cards this summer.  I couldn't be more excited.  A.) another forum to sell in = more money/more reasons to make cards LOL and B.) a chance to use some of the more vintage-y things I hoard.    The museum is called The Mennonite Heritage Village - it's an amazing day's worth of reliving how this town came to be with it's Mennonite settlers - a whole village to walk through including schools, churches, a working windmill that grinds flour (to make the bread they sell), several houses, a sod house, a general store, a blacksmith, a printer.....and of course barns with animals.  So....what could be better, I thought, than cards to sell there made with some of the very era-appropriate vintage items I've been saving for this rainy day.  
I have an obscene button collection - time to use some of that up;  I keep rolls of hemp and jute handy at all times;  there is no end to the amount of ribbon I have hoarded up; and I regularly haunt my local MCC store and find vintage lace, doilies, and all sorts of handmade trinkets like that.   (I have a few hand-embroidered old hankies that I want to incorporate into some cards yet).  

For now, here's a peek at a few of the styles I put in my first batch of cards at the museum.  

Thanks for stopping by :)


Adora Concepcion said...

beautiful cards Cathy!