A day for new adventures

Apparently today is a day of surprises for me - good ones I hope....we'll have to let them play out a bit to make sure.  

1. I asked, and got a yes from Mennonite Heritage Village  (MHV), the nationally acclaimed museum here in our city - they're going to sell my cards in their gift shop this summer!  Yay.  I'll tell you what - it felt amazing to put together some cards with my "found items" that are extremely era-appropriate for what the museum stands for....lace, doilies, buttons, buckles, and of course, several of them sewn on my sewing machine.  If you get a chance to be in Steinbach this summer - you've got to visit this place (and buy my cards LOL).

2.  I found out today that in September when I come "back to work" after summer holidays - I will be here: 
At the brand-spanking-new (so new in fact that only this "artists' rendering" from the news is available to show you) Middle School.  I'll walk down there one of these days and take a couple pics for you of the actual building which is going up quite quickly, but obviously still under construction.   When I found out today, it was bittersweet news.  I know that it will be a good move and I'll find my niche there but leaving a great staff and amazing friends at my current school will not be easy.  That, plus I'm moving out of my comfort zone and further and further away from Kindergarten which was what my original education focused on.  But, I am looking forward to a little more literacy and a little less shoe-tying and nose-blowing; a little more actual math and a little less "you're not allowed to sit there...teacher....he's in my spot..."  Like I said - an adventure.  I think I'm up for it.  Sheesh....what's one more adventure after the year I've had.  Bring it on!


Lynette said...

Where are the pictures of those cards? I want to see them!!!

Emery said...

Yay all around!

Rita Barakat said...

Yay! How exciting on oth parts! Lots to scrap about!!!

Carolynn said...

Congrats...you are so talented!