Summer Holidays: Day 3

We spent a lazy morning in Watertown, South Dakota today - eating at the hotel for breakfast, shopping at Walmart, eating last night's leftovers from Dempsey's for lunch and taking off for Omaha.  The trip was very uneventful - straight roads and easy traffic - until we got close Souix City, Iowa where we had to inch our way along through the single lane-sand bagged freeway that was nearly under water with the flooding.

 Traffic was also re-routed due to road construction near Council Bluffs and we had a 1/2 hour detour further into Iowa than we were intending to go.  I thought for a minute we were going to go as far as Des Moines but we turned around before then and came home.  Nearly gave Lexi (our GPS) a heartattack everytime we ignored her instructions and she had to "recalculate" our route.

But, we made it.
Here are the kids grinning into the rear-view mirror for me....notice the temperature reads 102 Degrees.  YIKES.  That's 40 degrees back home - I'm not sure I've even seen that on the thermometer at home before.

And, not only in honour of Canada Day, but because they love Canada, our uncle & aunt had the Canadian flag flying outside their house when we got there!

 After eating supper with them, we walked with Uncle Randy & Aunt Jan down to a park called Walnut Grove.  Beautiful walnut trees...a great playground, a pond to fish in, and a little later in the evening, more fireflies than you could count.  I didn't get a glowing picture for you but these bugs that are so stunning, actually are a plain brown bug when they're not "lit up."  Weird.

We ended off the night with ice cream and fireworks :)'s one more peek at something I've made for Clear Scraps for CHA.  I can't show you the brand new releases for a few more days but I will very, very soon.  Keep your eyes peeled :)  For now....not a brand new release, but something you'll want to keep an eye out for in your LSS's.
This is a chipboard album shaped like a camera.  The front page actually has a hole in it (lense) and I've placed a circle of acrylic behind it and then a scenery picture behind that so it acts more as a window.  I've also used one of our Small Expressions words on this album and called it a Vacation Photo album.  Instead of leaving all 5 pages of this chipboard album intact, I've used only a couple of them and I've cut down several pages of Hockey Card album pages making this into a photo album you could just slip photos into sleeves in.  I like it.  I think I'd like to make more like this...quick and easy.