Summer Holidays: Day 5

A few more pictures for you of the 5th day of our holidays.  Today, Sunday, we had full intentions of going to church with Uncle Randy & Aunt Jan but getting to bed well after midnight last night after a full, full day....we said we'd play it by ear and as it turns out, most of us slept in WAY too late to make it (myself included).  So, we had a leisurely breakfast and really nice devotions with them this morning instead. 
The boys discovered a unicycle in Uncle Randy's garage and also a nice little pink girls bike that they have on hand for their grandchildren.  Even the fact that it was pink and had a basket couldn't deter the boys from trying it out on the hilly streets of Omaha.

We spent the afternoon shopping at a mall here in Omaha....not for anything in particular but just poking around.  I got to go to Archivers which is a treat for me.  It's a great store, for sure....but I have quite a dilemma in Archivers.  There isn't a thing in that store that I couldn't use.....I could use anything and everything in that store.  And, at the same time, there isn't a thing in there that I really need.  I guess this year where I've been challenging myself to 'use-up-my-stash' has been really good for me.  We did buy some school shoes for fall and a few more clothing items at Old Navy & Scheels.  We also rode the ferris wheel in Scheels :)

 We spent a little time at home eating and then we went to my cousin's husband's family's house for a swim in their pool.
 Of course swimming, doesn't just mean means inventing games that require you to jump and slam dunk something at the same time - or something equally as crazy.

 AND, we got to join in on their annual family Fireworks night - a day early for the 4th but that doesn't seem to matter much to most Americans.....the fireworks celebrations here are week-long sometimes I think. This family lives the end of a quiet cul-de-sac and this year a couple families pulled all their fireworks out onto their driveways and lit everything off in the middle of the cul-de-sac.  It was phenomenal.  Dangerous to be sure....but fun!  There was a haze over the area and when fireworks weren't going off in our area, you could see, over the trees, that most of the surrounding neighbourhoods had similar displays going on at the same time too. 

(the stash)

Tomorrow, the plan is the Henry Doorly Zoo.  We are so excited.  Not so much about the 91 degrees that's forecasted but we LOVE the Omaha zoo!!  Hopefully I"ll have lots of great pictures for you tomorrow!!