ZipLines, Clear Scraps and kittens

My mom & I went Zip-lining today at Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures.  What a fun, fun experience....I'd do it again in a heartbeat and I fully intend to take my kids - all 3 of them would LOVE it.  Here are a few pics:

The 2 of us in our harnesses and beautiful pink helmets 

One of the trails we had to hike up to get to the next zip.  This trip included 5 ziplines (ie: 4 hikes in between) in order to get right back to our starting place.

The view from the very top - the gorgeous Pembina Valley

My Mom....just turned 67 (sorry if I wasn't supposed to let that slip, Mom) zipping across at 1000 ft. zipline.  This was her idea and a present for her birthday from my Dad.  The surprise for me was that they also paid for my trip as a present for my 40th this year (a little early but VERY appreciated!  Thanks Mom & Dad)

Next time I'm totally taking my kids!

OK...change of topic:
Here's another Clear Scraps project that I finished for CHA.
We have these great new acrylic embellishments this year (made from the cast acrylic - so, super hard and amazingly clear).  The ones I got were butterflies, gear wheels, and these dress forms!  

I used one on a card:  
(dress is painted with glitter paint, the bottom is a felt tulip from Creative Impressions, lace from the local thrift store and silver metallic StazOn for the base)

 And, I used the other one on the front of this 8x8 acrylic tabbed album that could be used to document and house pictures of your Prom experience.  Fortunately, my dd is still a little too young for Prom but I have to get used to the idea gradually so it doesn't catch me by surprise.
(Dress is left without paint except silver StazOn on the base, Pink Paislee  and SEI ribbon layers glued on with the always amazing Adhesive Squares from Glue Arts and some thrift store beads applied with Diamond Glaze)

I'll be putting more Clear Scraps projects up all week.
I'm also putting together some extra acrylic I have.....if you'd like some - leave me a comment and I'll pick some names to send a nice little prezzie to :)  
If you happen  to be heading to Chicago in little over a week for CHA - please stop by and say HI at the Clear Scraps booth #1539.

Oh...and on a personal note again...
It appears that Operation-integrate-the-new-rescued-cat-into-the-family has been successful:
Wasabi (our 1-year-old) has taken a liking to his new little sister Soya.  They napped like this for about 3 hours the other day. 


Plett Family said...

WOW! Zip-lining?!! How fun!

And, well, I shamelessly love prezzies =)
Cute dress forms!

Maria said...

Can I just say, I'm SO glad that we didn't end up having to adopt that kitten!!! Now all you need is a puppy and you're up to 3 like us ;-) ha ha!!

Wasabi and Soya sure do love each other - it's very cute to see them snuggled up together :-)