Summer Holidays: Day 1 & 2

Day 1 of Summer holidays for us was so busy that the camera never made it out...basically it was a day of running around doing errands: pick up van at the shop,  library, 2 banks, nail appointment, haircuts, laundry, dishes, mowing lawn, car wash, gas-up van, packing CHA box of projects for Clear Scraps.  Here's a peek at one of the things I made:

Day 2 though....a little more relaxed.
We picked up report cards at school and away we went :)

Grand Forks was a bit toasty today:  101 degrees to be exact.  In fact, the 'heat index' was at 110 today....not exactly sure what that is but my best guess is the hot-version of the windchill.  Whatever the case, it was sweaty....a lot like the last time we went to DisneyWorld.
 Our new GPS:  Her name is Lexi :)  Even though this trip isn't a difficult one to navigate (a lot of 'straight ahead' for miles and miles and miles), she was very helpful and fun to play with :)

We did some shopping.  I was surprised how much the kids loved the shopping.  Cale bought this awesome Cookie Monster hat :)

And our final stop of the day, after checking into our hotel and having a quick swim in the tiny pool, was Dempsey's...our favourite restaurant here in Watertown.  They brew their own root beer here!  We filled up on it so much that our supper tonight is also going to be our lunch tomorrow :)  Thank goodness for a hotel with a fridge and microwave!

Bedtime!  I'll try to show more tomorrow.