Canadian Scrapbooker Pub and a giveaway!

Look what came in the mail!!
And...not only that, but 2 extra copies.
In keeping with my Simple Joy theme for my blog this year....this rates really high on the Joy-for-the-day scale.  So, to keep the joy going, if you follow my blog and leave me a comment telling me something in your life that has brought you JOY and on March 7th,  I'll pick 2 names to get one of my brand new, still sealed, not-on-the-store-shelves-yet copies of the Spring Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!  

Funny story about this issue:
They do an article every issue showcasing 3 scrapbookers from a specific province and this issue....some Manitoba ladies, including ME :)  I was super-excited to be chosen for this and the write up/interview they did was really well done.  One glitch:  If you're reading this magazine.... my photo and interview is on page 90/91 but those aren't my layouts.  My layouts (the ones below) are actually on page 88/89.  You might, if you know me, recognize my DD, my FIL and my youngest DS but for those of you who don't know me/my family....Grandpa, Kindergarten and Staycation are actually my layouts.  The editors have apologized for the glitch and really, in the grand scheme of things - especially the way my life has been going for the past year or so, it's not that big of a deal to me.....(who among us hasn't had a big oops like this at some point or another LOL...) so I'll just leave you a quick peek of my layouts, in case you're looking for them :)

Thanks for stopping by....can't wait to hear your comments and see what's bringing JOY to your life these days.

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Amber said...

Love your layouts Cathy! Congrats!!

Lisa Moore said...

Congrats to having your layouts printed in the mag. I am having a lot of fun this winter skiing with my 13 year old daughter. We downhill ski and she is really loving it. It is nice to enjoy the view as we ride the chairlift and sit and chat along the way.

Anonymous said...

Cathy, reading your blog brings me joy EACH time! I feel so blessed to be your friend. You have been such a great example of what real joy means, especially in the last year! Ang

Plett Family said...

So proud to be considered a friend of someone so famous! So sorry I couldn't concentrate on multiple things on Saturday to look at the article more closely.

Just from the glimpse of the Grandpa page...LOVE that pic of the two of them "not posing"...deep in conversation...LOVE IT!!

MY KIDS are bringing me truckloads of JOY these days. Watching them participate in various activities that they are now old enough to do, listening to their conversations that I used to think were beyond their years, seeing them interact with buttons have been regularly popping off - need to start wearing zippers only =)

The Biehns said...

The everyday beauty around me brings me much JOY :)
The cool crisp air, blue sky and fresh fields of white...breathtaking.
To win this giveaway would be a full circle four year moment!!
Congrats on the publication :)