Simple Joy 42-52

 I've been sorting files for Clear Scraps and the load of them on my laptop has been slowing down my photo-editing software so it's been awhile since I've been able to edit these....but...I'm done my project for them and back with some Simple Joys :)  

(for those of you just joining me, I'm trying to take a picture every day this year of something that brings Joy to my life....sometimes the Joy may be profound, but on most occasions it's the little things, the simple things in life that remind me how much God loves me and how he longs to give good gifts to his children.)

Simple Joy 42/365:  God & I have this deal.  I set my alarm for 7am so that I can get up and get my kids ready for school.  IF I am desperately in need of sleep (and He knows when I am), then I sleep right till my alarm.  If though, it's more important for me to spend some time with Him before I get up and ready (and this is almost always the case), he wakes me up sometime between 6:00-6:30.  And not only does he wake me up....he wakes me up with the cat.  I know that sounds a little crazy, but seriously...the cat comes to my room and jumps into bed with me and nuzzles my nose at 6am.  He's done that since the day I asked God to make my morning work like this.  I have no explanation except again....God knows what I need and chose the sweetest way to make it happen.

Simple Joy 43/365:  Creamy Onion and Garlic Soup.  I know, right?  It's amazing. 

Simple Joys 44/365: Again with the cat....I love the way he sneaks into the bathroom and drinks out of the dripping tap.

Simple Joy 45/365:  Watching my daughter play basketball....I am a proud 6' tall Mama of a gorgeous athletic going-to-be-6'-tall young woman!

Simple Joy 46/365:  My parents.  Not only do I never doubt that they love me....they show me in the most practical ways (Dad putting up towel hooks, Mom doing my dishes).

Simple Joy 47/365:  My son...dressed to win his Mayoral race at school, completing the illusion of a businessman off to work with a cup of coffee (hot chocolate) in the morning.

Simple Joy 48/365:  This is one of those Simple Joys that was way more profound than I'd expected.  This photo is taken on a Thursday night.  It was a no-school day the next day so I was anticipating sleeping in, I wasn't feeling well at all this evening and the kids let me go to bed super early this evening and they stayed up playing board games in the kitchen.  There is something overwhelmingly beautiful about falling asleep to the sound of your children playing well together.

Simple Joy 49/365:  Antique kitchen utensils :)

Simple Joy 50/365:  A new towel bar/hooks for my bathroom...built for me by a friend and her husband (thanks G&A!!) and installed by my Dad.  I love the organization and the way all our wet towels can now hang directly over the hot air vent :)

Simple Joy 51/365:  New Wave album from Clear Scraps. Not only does this new shape make me smile but it's one of my favourite projects from this past month.  

Simple Joy 52/365:  No school day Mondays - awesome.  A spontaneous trip to FIL/MIL's store for breakfast waffles - extra awesome.  Finding a box of Silly Bands for sale in said store - extra super awesome.



Anonymous said...

Cathy, I am so thankful for my children and grandchildren, but especially for you, the way you have handled the trials in your life, and continued to use them as stepping-stones to growth in your faith and maturity. Your peace & joy is infectious & inspiring. Keep clinging to the Rock! Love you! Mom