Simple Joys 53-59

Where in the world did February go?
I can't believe it's gone already.
Here are my Simple Joy photos to round out the 2nd month of the year (days 53-59/365)

Simple Joy 53: I love that I can put my garbage at the end of the driveway and when I get home from school, it's been picked up.

Simple Joy 54: My daughter's cactus.  I love these makes me happy that I can't kill them.  I did however, have to kill a spider in this one which prompted re-tellings of the Walmart-spider's-nest-in-the-cactus urban ledgend.  Creepy.

Simple Joy 55: Someone anonymously brought me THE most delicious red velvet cupcake at school today....I found out later that a friend of mine is toying with the idea of staring a business like this...I just got blessed enough to be one of her guinea pigs :)  The cupcake, and a cup of coffee as I supervised "lunch club" today was Perfection!

Simple Joy 56: A stuffed mailbox

Simple Joy 57: My daughter and my youngest son curling together in a Bonspiel.  I got a little emotional watching her guide him and teach him during the game.  Considering he'd only curled about 12 times before this, he did great and they loved playing on a team together.

Simple Joy 58: Watching my boys (when they weren't watching curling) use their iPods to find oragami patterns and then make them out of discarded newspapers at the curling rink.  I love it when the technology inspires actual creativity in them.

Simple Joy 59: A card made almost entirely of Felt.  I was having 70's Sunday School Flannelgraph flashbacks while I made this :)

SO, I'm caught up to the end of February.  
I know I'm about 2 1/2 months behind already but my Project Life just showed up this weekend and I'm anxious to start.  I can see already in myself...just from the first 2 months, how much my photography has changed.  Not necessarily in technique (although I hope it's improving), but more in subject matter.  I'm finding that instead of having to really look for that one thing that I can cling to as a source of joy for the day, I'm seeing it in more and more places around me as I relax and allow God's gifts to come.  I'm looking forward to seeing the progression of it all in my Project Life book too (as well as on my blog).  

Thanks :)