New Clear Scraps DT Call

I've been the on the Clear Scraps Design Team since 2007 and the DT Coordinator since the summer of 2008.  I have to say - Best Gig EVAH!  This company is incredible to work with/for and the team is amazing, both in artistic talent, community and personality and also just in good old plain Coolness!  

Check out the call here and PLEASE....apply.  

 You'll get the chance to work with all kinds of acrylic - including this:  Clearly My Album...coolest thing can make whatever word you want, out of acrylic and chipboard letters.  I've done a few albums over the years:  BIRTHDAY, SOCCER, and this one that says:  HOW COOL.  Imagine the possibilities for trip destinations, kid names, pet names for that matter...anything you want to spell - you can!

 And, new to Clear Scraps.....these cast acrylic albums.  I did this one in honour of my boys who are still dreaming of playing for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers someday.  This hard acrylic just SHINES with good paint on it!!