February Joy

Simple Joys photos for February:

Simple Joy 32/365:  This photo is a series of bike racks at my school....usually these are tall enough to park front bike tires in but the snow is so deep in the playground from the crazy winter we've had that this is all that's peeking out of the "ground."

Simple Joy 33/365:  My son, at his new desk, in his new room, working on homework.  There's so much good in this photo I can't stand it :)

Simple Joys 34/365:  A collage of some of the "stuff" I've purged....most of it priced and boxed for a future garage sale.

Simple Joys 35/365:  A picture that our Compassion child - Maria - coloured for us in her first letter to us.  

 Simple Joys 36/365:  If you know me, you know I'm a grammar and spelling nut.  Not so much in everyday life, but it's a pet peeve of mine when something is misspelled on something hugely public like a billboard, newspaper, etc.  This spelling mistake made me laugh.  A lot!  

 Simple Joys 37/365:  Love this jar.  I love the colour and would love this to be the accent colour in my kitchen someday.  Also....the jar is currently the home of our "spare change" in the house and it's saving up our money for us so we can go on a trip this summer.

 Simple Joys 38/365:  My new cupboard.  I've been searching for a corner cupboard....and found the perfect one!  Room for my books and room for a TV.  My dilemma is whether or not to paint it.

 Simple Joys 39/365:  Psalm 25.  A plea from me - Show me, teach me, guide me.....for you are good, O Lord.

 Simple Joys 40/365:  This gigantic icicle is growing on the downspout at our school....it's beautiful and it's really hard to not want to lick it :)

Simple Joys 41/365:  A Valentine daisy.  This was a gift...attached to a gift card for Pizza, from 3 people who are loving me and praying for me and making sure I know it this Valentine's day.  Thank you.

More to come :)
And a change in the weather, I think.