Journaling spots with my Stamp BOX stamps

It's my turn to blog this week for my Stamp BOX. Because this blog post actually talks about some stuff I'm figuring out in my own art-life as well as uses my stamps....I'm pulling double duty and showing you here as well. If you need a TON of stamp inspiration though - head over to my Stamp BOX's blog!

I am in the process of putting together a fairly large album for a friend of mine. Actually, it's a present from her to her mother on her mother's 80th birthday and it's an album incorporating tons of older pictures that her family had been holding on to. It's been a fascinating process, fun to put someone else's photos together for a change but more than's made me think a little...about whether I've been spending too much time on the "art" of scrapbooking and not enough time on the "memory-keeping" aspect of scrapbooking. I think I may be on the verge of changing how I scrapbook :)

Whatever the case, when I thought about how I wanted to scrap these photos, and that the mother for whom this book is being put together loves to write and journal, I immediately reached for 2 of my favourite my Stamp BOX stamp sets: Just Add Notes and Your Story.
Between these 2 sets, there are 20 journaling-type stamps that are perfect for recording dates and times, short blurbs about what is happening in photos, titles and captions, and also frames for around sentiments if you're just making cards.

I stamped a random assortment of these journaling stamps on plain, but textured cream-colored cardstock, in a brown ink. I sprayed the cardstock with brown (Coffee Shop) Glimmer Mist to tone down the brightness of it (the whole album is in neutral tones so it's perfect this way).And then I cut them out. Now, as I go through the album and finish up the pages, I just paste a few of these near the pictures that need a little bit more explanation....and my friend's mom has an easy way to record who's in each picture, and when.

I can see these 2 stamp sets being in a LOT of my projects in the near future :)



Bev said...

oooooohhhhhhh...I can see myself comin' over and using a lot of those journalling thingy's. Yum!!

Bev said...

Oh and that project you're doing is simply priceless! A great inspiration.