Grandhoggers....that's what my DH called it on facebook. It's what you become when your DD gets a hedgehog that she calls her baby. Here it is:

It's really a lot cuter than even I thought it would be and I've loved hedgehogs for years. She's beyond thrilled...first of all that her parents relented and let her get something rodent-ish and also because it's so unique and funky. She's learned in a day or two how to pick it up properly and although it hisses at her when she wakes it up, it willingly climbs all over her and loves to run in the grass.
I have pictures of her baptism that also happened that day but I'll save that for tomorrow's post. Sorry....this one couldn't wait another day :)


Maria said...

SO cute!!!!!!! Sarah's dying to come over and see it when you guys get back.