My husband plays on a flag football team and last night the timing worked out for the kids & I to go watch a game. (This was the best picture I got - even on Sports mode - I've really gotta practice with my camera one of these days LOL. My DH is the one tackling the jumper in the center - grey shorts, black shirt) It was a great game and very fun to watch him having so much fun doing GUY stuff with a bunch of his buddies :) BUT, it was quite hard to concentrate with the mosquitoes. I took a few pictures of the lights shining down on the field.....and the swarms around them.

You are as grossed out as I am, aren't you?


Maria said...

okay, that's just GROSS! I can't stand mosquitos!

Candice said...

Hey! That is my DH in the pic too!...or at least part of him! ;)