I'm a regular Suzy Homemaker :)

I haven't always made time for the homemade varieties of some of the foods we love but this year seems to be the year I have time, and access to fresh (and a lot of free) foods....Yum! Earlier this year I made Raspberry jam (middle of 1st photo - berries from MIL), chokecherry jelly (far right - cherries came already juiced from MIL), canned peaches (had to buy these but Totally Worth It!), and DH made hot pepper jelly (far left - jalapenos and apples from MIL and DH's Grandma).

Also this year I've frozen about 20 bags of green & yellow beans for winter, and tonight's project was this: Corn. Picked this morning at a Hutterite Colony nearby and in my freezer tonight - 20 bags full....and I still had enough left over to bless 2 neighbour families, have corn-on-the-cob for a meal for us this week and um, 2 cobs for nightsnack myself tonight :) This stuff I paid for...but it was CHEAP and it's probably the best corn I've ever had - sweet & perfect - not a bug or brown spot in sight.

Next on the agenda....
Tomato sauce (I have a huge bowl full cut in the freezer already waiting for a little more to fill up a recipe - also from MIL, Grandma and My Mom), Salsa (waiting for some Romas to be ripe), Apple jelly (just got more free apples from my Mom today), and depending on what happens to come my way....maybe some pickles? My stash from several years ago is getting low.

By the way: I found this awesome website for Canadians who are into this type of thing (canning, etc)....it's called "Pick Your Own" It has listings for tons of U-pick farms in every province for almost every variety of fruit or veggie...and it has excellent, pictoral, step-by-step instructions for canning and freezing lots of said fruits & veggies. A valuable resource!

Today I feel accomplished. And blessed.


Maria said...

Way to go!

beautyinallthings said...

You are my hero! Such domestication!

Bev said...

Yum!! Good job!! I love seeing my shelves of empty jars turn into full jars. I may be able to help you out in the pickle department. I think I have enough made so will have some extra cucs.