Sick Day

Today's the day.  I've been putting off taking a sick day for awhile....pushing through being way overtired....but today's the day.  Sick day.  Woke up dizzy and with a nasty headache.  I have visions of these sick days ahead of time - that I'll get better instantly after calling in sick and have these long days alone to catch up on housework and chores.  Yeah....not so much.  Went back to bed after sending the kids out the door to school and only woke up at 11:30 when my phone rang (wrong number - Grrr).  
And now I'm on my way back to bed.  Spent a little time watching old Storage Wars episodes and checking out some Christmas inspiration.  I have high hopes of getting some crafting done during my Christmas holidays in 1 1/2 weeks.....guess we'll see.  I'm pinning some ideas and  saving them for later.

But for now....back to bed :)

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