A little Christmas decorating

I always have TONS (I'm Canadian... guess I should use TONNES there instead) of ideas for decorating for the holidays. If you don't believe me just as Pinterest...it'll tell you. What I don't have tons (or tonnes) of, is time to actually implement all the ideas I have. That's why I was particularly proud of myself for actually putting something together this year that resembled artistic decorating :)

I bought a few of these vintage light fixture glass globes on a local buy-and-sell sight and then I happened to find a few more at a thrift store having a 1/2-price lighting sale (woohoo!). The garland has been up on my upper kitchen cabinets for the past year and the middle section's lights burned out so instead of unravelling the whole thing, I cut out that section of garland and just pulled out the dead lights. Now, the shortened garland was perfect for my buffet light display. 

I'm not entirely happy with the wall display behind it yet....it's a work in progress still...but the window frame, home sign and birdcage are staying when the Christmas parts come down. Then I'll have to decide what to add to the collage. 

Inside each light fixture I have a little battery-operated tea light. It irks me a little that they glow different colours of yellow and orange so sometimes I just use the display with the garland Christmas lights. 

It makes for a cleaner white light while still reflecting off the glass globes. 

I think these might get packed away with the decorations and the tree this year an I'll try to expand on this for next year....

...OR...maybe I should put them into year-round service up on top of my kitchen cabinets now that they're garland-less. 


Who knows what might happen around here. The moments I am both feeling creative and also have time to BE creative don't line up very often but you never know. 

Merry Christmas!