Sick days for Moms

I have a great job. Good hours, rewarding work, amazing co-workers, and paid sick days when I need them...just to name a few of the reasons I like my job. 

But when I come home tired and "less than 100%" at the end of my workday, I still have to be Mom. No paid sick days.  In fact, not good hours either. And no co-workers at all, so that sucks too. The work is still pretty rewarding, or at least most days it is. 

But somedays I need a sick day 
So today, and I'm not ashamed to admit it: I lay in bed playing iPhone/iPod games with my boys, I let my daughter go to a friend's house for supper, I threw in a frozen pizza here at home, and as soon as supper was over, I climbed right back into bed. 
The dishes can wait. 
The laundry can wait.
I made myself a cup of coffee...
...and I just may just have a nap before bedtime :)