Getting back to work...

I've really needed to get some cards made (I keep a stock on hand because I sell at a couple of local businesses). So tonight instead of doing yard work (I'll show you that progress in a future post), I spent the whole evening with a great friend and cranked out a stack of cards! 

I have to show you this set in particular simply because my youngest son went to the LSS and specifically picked out this piece of patterned paper with the clipboards on it and also the fruit stickers (Doodlebug) just for me for Mother's Day. He's so sweet and it was fun to put his gift together into a little set of cards. 

Loving getting creative....even though I'm up WAY past my bedtime's nights like this that help center me again!

Also my first post from my iPhone. How fun is that??!?? I can see blogging being much easier this way!