This was a Saturday with all signs pointing to crafting and card-making.  Instead I spent the better part of the day (when I wasn't chauffeuring kids around), cleaning up and organizing the garage - at least this part of it.  I really, really, really wish I'd taken a "before" shot because there were shoes, boots and sports equipment everywhere. Every. Where.

No before shot - you'll just have to imagine how bad it was.
Here's the "after" shot:
A neighbour was cleaning out her storage unit and ended up giving me the shelf unit on the right - perfect depth for a pair of shoes :)  Before this all the shoes had been on the shelf on the right (at least the ones that got put away properly) and the left side was full of rubbermaid bins overflowing with basketballs, precariously perched on tippy wooden shelves screwed to the wall.  The shelf on the right is, without a doubt, one of the best second-hand purchases I've ever made.  That steel shelf has been with me for several years now and it's been in my pantry, my craft room, one of the  bedrooms for awhile and most recently here in the garage.  Today, I took some of the backs of the shelves off and put them on the front of the shelves to make a 4" lip at the front so balls can stay on the shelves and not roll off.  S.M.R.T. :)
And I combined the sports equipment that we don't use often into rubbermaid bins high on the top shelf which is still accessible but not in the way.
I'm sweaty.  And dusty.  And on my way into a hot bath.  But feeling accomplished and satisfied, even though I didn't get to make cards today.

Here's a song that has brought me to tears recently.....had to share.  Those of you who know me, will be able to guess why.  Those of you who don't, really.....just listen and soak it in :)